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Ceramic & Porcelain Figures

Umbrella Girl & Fox Terrier*

Extremely cute Goldscheider figure  of a little girl and a Fox Terrier.  She’s holding a pretty pink umbrella and turning with surprise to look over her left shoulder at the dog which is looking up at…


‘In Confidence’ by Bernhard Bloch*

Humorous and very rare old Bernhard Bloch ceramic sculpture of two Jewish merchants in conversation.  The taller of the two gentlemen appears to be imparting some trade secret to the other one who is smiling…


‘The Family’ by Bernhard Bloch*

Rare and amusing chimpanzee family by Bernhard Bloch dating from the late 1800’s.  Bloch’s work is so good, particularly his slightly humorous take on certain subjects, such as this one. Mother, father and young son…


Elegant Deco Lady from Goldscheider*

Wonderfully elegant figurine titled “Yvette”, designed by Claire Weiss and manufactured by Goldscheider around 1937-38. The beautiful, smiling and barefoot young lady is wearing a light grey pinafore dress with a claret coloured border and…


Mid-Size ‘Captured Bird’ by Goldscheider*

A mid-sized version of the classic Goldscheider figure “Captured Bird”, designed and sculpted by Josef Lorenzl in 1922. Portraying the young dancer Niddy Impekoven, striding to the left with her arms outstretched and her gossamer…


Banjo Player*

Absolutely stunning and very rare model of a Negro gentleman entertainer playing the banjo.  He has a great face and is dressed in quite some style – what a character he must have been.  The…


Goldscheider Captured Bird*

One of the classic Art Deco images of all time is surely that of Lorenzl’s “Captured Bird” figure by Goldscheider which he designed in 1922. Portraying the young dancer Niddy Impekoven, striding to the left with…


Hutschenreuther Nude*

Expressive ceramic figure of an attractive naked lady, proudly posing with her arms above her head.  Standing up on her toes she almost appears to be slowly and rythmically swaying. Made by the German firm…


Nude Lady and Borzoi*

Designed by Josef Lorenzl and made in 1936-38 by the German company Schuster, this is a delightful ceramic sculpture of a slim, nude lady standing in front of her Borzoi dog with one hand lightly touching…


Captured Bird, 2*

This is the mid-sized version of Lorenzl’s famous Captured Bird made by Goldscheider.  This one is 29 cm high and features the dancer Niddy Impekoven wearing a butterfly wing dress, supported by a floral urn.…


Goldscheider Dancer in Frill Skirt*

Blonde dancing lady designed by Josef Lorenzl for Goldscheider around 1934/5.  She’s wearing a red frill skirt and matching bikini top and striking a very elegant pose. This actual piece is listed in the superb…


Young Man and his Dog*

Unusual and quite large ceramic figural group comprising a semi-naked athletic looking young man walking his eager black pointer type dog.  Set on an oval base, both are striding purposefully forward and looking slightly to…


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