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‘The Family’ by Bernhard Bloch*

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Rare and amusing chimpanzee family by Bernhard Bloch dating from the late 1800’s.  Bloch’s work is so good, particularly his slightly humorous take on certain subjects, such as this one.

Mother, father and young son are posing seated side by side on a low wall wearing their Sunday best clothes, although Ma still has her apron on.  She holds an apple in one hand and her husband’s arm with the other.

They all have rather serious expressions, not unlike most humans wore in those days when having their photograph taken.  Such great faces on them and the young lad’s hair with its central parting is a hoot.

Very well painted and in excellent condition with no sign of restoration that we can detect.  Numbered beneath 4756 and with the usual BB mark together with further initials.

Approximately 24 cm wide and 21 cm high.

Ref: 12949

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