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As well as the sculptors, ceramicists, glassmakers and myriad of other artists and designers that emerged during the Nouveau and Deco eras, the clockmakers were not slow to come up with new and exciting styles. For many of the earlier years the better quality figural clocks were often heavy looking and rather sombre objects that were embellished in a rather serious, classic style. With the emergence of Art Nouveau out went the gods, angels and cherubs, to be replaced by languid maidens, fairies and designs of sinuous tendrils and leaves. After the First World War ended, the emergence of the Art Deco period, with its faster pace, jazz music, talking pictures and new-found “edge” of excitement, brought about a further change of design style that reflected the new mood of the times. We hope you like our selection of clocks from both periods, and those from the Arts and Crafts movement when we can find them. Our preference is to offer clocks that are in working order and most have been checked or serviced by a qualified specialist. Where this isn’t the case, we make it clear or state that the item is being sold purely as a decorative piece. The purchaser then has the option of checking or replacing the movement as may be appropriate.

Lorenzl Dancing Girl Clock

Delightful Art Deco dancing girl clock, the figure very typically Lorenzl but unsigned. The young lady is wearing a short, flared dress, similar to an ice dancer’s outfit, which buttons all the way up the…

Art Deco Antelopes*

A striking (in more ways than one) French Art Deco onyx mantle clock, mounted with a pair of antelopes complete with ivory horns. Sitting slightly elevated on four rounded feet and with a very attractive…


Deco Wild Horses*

Good looking French Art Deco clock from around 1925 with movement by Marti. Showing on each side of the circular dial two nicely detailed and painted spelter horses, looking as though they have just galloped…


Art Deco Lady Clock Garniture*

Very special marble, bronze and spelter Deco clock garniture set. The highly decorative marble is all pleasingly polished curves and the face is framed with a floral and foliate design.  A young, barely covered woman is…


Father Time Marble and Dinanderie Clock by Mergier*

Rare and highly stylish Art Deco clock by the French master of the art of dinanderie Paul-Louis Mergier (1891-1986). With a delightfully curved outline and depicting on the face the artists portrayal of the bearded…


Deco Little Swan*

Compact Art Deco clock by Marpa in pretty shades of green, set on an attractive marble base. An elegant design complemented nicely by the swan alongside, drifting smoothly across the marble. Measuring just about 22 cm…


Arts & Crafts Clock Garniture*

Arts & Crafts copper clock garniture that is unmarked but attributed to Hale. Sporting a nicely detailed repoussé galleon beneath the clock face and a mirrored pair of galleons on the candlesticks/vases. The German made…


WMF Silver Plated Clock*

Rare and unusual silver-plated table or mantle clock from WMF dating from around 1910 – one we’ve not seen before. The rather wonderful old clock case is more Secessionist in style than Art Nouveau and is of…


Art Nouveau Clock by Charles Korschann*

Very special Art Nouveau gilded and patinated bronze clock by Charles Korschann (1872-1943). Depicting a Nouveau maiden bathing while standing at the top of three steps beneath a fountain. She is partially covering the source…


Art Deco Electric Clock*

Eye-catching Art Deco mains electric clock with a very Lorenzl looking young lady reclining in front of a semi-circular tinted mirror.  The clock face is minimalist in style with just four buttons to mark the…


WMF Clock with Glass Columns*

Impressive silver-plated chiming table clock from WMF, Geislingen, dating from circa 1920. With a glass covered round copper dial displaying Roman numerals and two winders.  The front features two glass columns, with engraved floral decoration…


WMF Striker*

Very rare silver plated Secessionist clock from WMF dating from around 1910. The design of the case is quite unique and extremely stylish.  With a pendulum on sprung suspension, brass dial and original movement with striking bell.…


Art Nouveau Forest Fairy Clock*

Lovely unsigned Art Nouveau clock in gilded spelter embellished with a fairy standing on bullrushes by the side of the clock face. With a delightfully irregular shape and a typically Nouveau design of sinuous leaves and…


Art Nouveau Maiden Clock Garniture*

Very lovely French Art Nouveau clock garniture from around 1905 made and signed by Charles Bonnefond. The extremely decorative case is made from gilded spelter and stands on four integral feet with the dial surrounded…


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