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Art Nouveau Maiden Clock Garniture*

Item Description

Very lovely French Art Nouveau clock garniture from around 1905 made and signed by Charles Bonnefond.

The extremely decorative case is made from gilded spelter and stands on four integral feet with the dial surrounded by a floral garland.  A typically languid Nouveau maiden wearing a diaphanous gown is reaching up towards the flowers with her arms outstretched and appears to be flying through a starry night sky.

The garniture is completed by a matching pair of candlesticks, each of which holds two candles.

Some of the gilding has worn away over the years but overall the condition is very good.  The movement, which is also French, has been serviced and cleaned and is in good working order.

The candlesticks are a little worn and one has damage to a foot, but the value of this item is in the clock itself which displays beautifully on its own if preferred.

The clock is approximately 33 cm. in height, with the candlesticks being a little shorter.

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