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‘Lady on The Seine’ by Dietz Edzard*

Item Description

Ornately framed oil on canvas by the German born artist Dietz Edzard (1893-1963).

This is an atmospheric half length portrait of an elegantly dressed young woman taking refreshment whilst seated on a verandah raised above the banks of the river Seine in the French countryside on what looks to be a splendid summer’s day.

Edzard painted very much in the tradition of the French impressionist masters and this is a fine example of his work.

He first studied Art in the country of his birth before being conscripted into the army at the outbreak of WW1.

After the war he travelled to Amsterdam where he exhibited at The Hague in 1920. Following a brief return to Germany he moved permanently to France where he produced much of his best work, exhibiting at the Jeu de Paume in Paris.

This painting is from that era in his life, dating from circa late 1940’s to early 1950’s.

The overall size, including the original gilt gesso frame, is 91 X 107 cms. with the visible area of canvas measuring approximately 63.5 X 79.5 cms.

Provenance: Schoneman Galleries Inc., New York. From the Hallenbeck Family Collection.

Ref: 15658

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