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Goldscheider Dancer in Frill Skirt*

Item Description

Blonde dancing lady designed by Josef Lorenzl for Goldscheider around 1934/5.  She’s wearing a red frill skirt and matching bikini top and striking a very elegant pose.

This actual piece is listed in the superb book “Goldscheider” by Robert E. Dechant and Filipp Goldscheider on page 447 as having been sold at Christies in May 2004.

Numbered on the base 7058/159/6 and 35 cm. in height.  One of the arms has received some professional and invisible restoration at some stage.  A smaller version of this model was also made but just doesn’t have the same impact as this one.

Lit:  Dechant/Goldscheider p. 447  –  also Pinhas p. 146

Ref: 11992

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