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Best of Friends*

Highly unusual and quite charming terracotta bust of two young girls who are obviously very close. The slightly taller of the two has long pigtails and wears a large bow in her hair whilst her…


French Country Maiden*

Unsigned French plaster bust with the title “Fleur des Champs” or Flower of the Fields, of a young, modest looking country girl with her gaze slightly lowered.  She has a very innocent face and is…


Goldscheider “Rococo”*

Stunning terracotta bust titled “Rococo” of a young lady with attractive wavy hair arranged in a chignon.  She has a bow in her hair and another on her pretty ruffled collar and is looking very…


French Art Nouveau Bust ‘La Moisson’*

French terracotta bust of a young farm girl titled La Moisson (The Harvest).  Wearing a patterned bonnet with the loose ribbons faliing behind her head and a matching patterned cape over a laced bodice, she…


‘Bohème’ by Ranieri*

Large and impressive polychrome painted terracotta bust titled “Bohème” by the Italian sculptor Aristide de Ranieri (born Viareggio 1865). Ranieri was sent by his father, also a successful artist, to work in Paris where he…


Mistletoe Girl*

Flame haired, fair skinned beauty with green eyes, her hair falling forward over one shoulder and wearing mistletoe at the top of her dress. This is a striking and colourful head and shoulders terracotta signed…


Young Boy by Lenoir*

Compact sized bisque bust of a handsome young boy with long, tousled hair signed A. Lenoir.  He is bare-chested apart from part of a cloak held by a strap across his right shoulder. The French…


Goldscheider Classic*

Wonderful Goldscheider terracotta of an African lady wearing a loose shawl and a scarf tied over her hair.  Her shoulders are bare and she is looking downward over her left shoulder.  The lady has a…


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