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Goldscheider Classic*

Item Description

Wonderful Goldscheider terracotta of an African lady wearing a loose shawl and a scarf tied over her hair.  Her shoulders are bare and she is looking downward over her left shoulder.  The lady has a strong but quite beautiful face and the whole piece is very lifelike, from her quiet expression to her fabulously painted ebony skin.

Created by the artist Auguste Maurice Leveque circa 1892, this model was produced up until around 1897.

With impressed marks verso 1338/6772/9 and a height of approx. 47 cm.  Unusually, there is no Goldscheider impressed stamp apparent, all we can see being a small part of the probable signature.  However, there is no doubt that this is completely authentic.

In lovely condition with just a few tiny nibbles to the base – see photos.

Lit:  Dechant/Goldscheider p. 318  –  also Pinhas pp. 21 & 68

Ref: 11980

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