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Goldscheider “Rococo”*

Item Description

Stunning terracotta bust titled “Rococo” of a young lady with attractive wavy hair arranged in a chignon.  She has a bow in her hair and another on her pretty ruffled collar and is looking very slightly downward and to her right.  The colours are mainly attractive muted greens and browns.

Made by Goldscheider around 1898-99 and originally sculpted by the artist Henri Emile Allouard.  With the impressed F. Goldscheider mark and artist signature on the base, numbered 1441/58/29.

This bust is in very good condition with just a very few minor age-related marks.  It is a little over 57 cm in height.

Lit:  Dechant/Goldscheider p. 321  –   also Pinhas p. 68

Ref: 12198

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