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‘Bohème’ by Ranieri*

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Large and impressive polychrome painted terracotta bust titled “Bohème” by the Italian sculptor Aristide de Ranieri (born Viareggio 1865).

Ranieri was sent by his father, also a successful artist, to work in Paris where he remained from 1893 until the outbreak of the Great War in 1914.  This bust would have been produced there in around 1900.

Very Art Nouveau, with the striking looking young maiden looking modestly downward and slightly to her right.  She has masses of long hair which is tumbling down over her bare shoulders.  Definitely a free spirit and very aptly named.

In excellent condition although she has almost certainly been repainted at some stage in the past.  This however is completely in keeping and has been extremely well done.  There are a couple of original firing cracks in the hair at the back of her head but these do not detract on display and are in fact an additional talking point.

Finished in a pleasing bronzy-green colour and getting on for life-size, the height being approximately 57 cm.  Signed to one side and with impressed letters and numbers verso.

Ref: 12340

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