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‘Women Picking Flowers’ attr. to Alfred Oliver

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Oil painting on canvas depicting a quite delightful scene of three women picking wild flowers on a summer’s day in a parkland setting.

The subjects are seen in the middle distance, with the foreground comprising long grass and an assortment of poppies and other flowers.

Tall trees form the backdrop together with a rather splendid fountain and just the front corner of a building which can be seen at the edge of the undergrowth.

Signed at bottom right, the first name reading Alfred but the surname being rather indistinct.  However, after extensive research and the help of a trusted contact, we are now pretty sure the painting is by Alfred Oliver (1868-1943). The year 1902 is noted alongside the signature.

Oliver exhibited his work at the Royal Academy between the years 1886 and 1921.

We have had the painting sympathetically framed and the overall size is approximately 46 cm high by 64 cm wide.  The visible area of canvas measures just over 37 by 55 cm.

Ref: 15019

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