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‘A Walk on the Jetty’ by Louis-Auguste Girardot

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Atmospheric oil on canvas painting by the French artist Louis-Auguste Girardot (1856-1933).

Titled ‘Promenade sur la Jetée’ and painted circa the late 1800’s, it depicts a quiet scene with a young couple pausing awhile during their stroll along a stone jetty with a small steamboat moored at its end.

The young man is crouching down looking across the bay while his lady companion, holding an umbrella in front of her, looks down at him.

The shoreline across the bay rises behind trees and a few houses to a backdrop of distant mountains, with another far-away rocky shoreline to the left of the picture. 

Signed lower right and measuring 55 by 79 cm overall with the visible canvas area 45 X 69 cm

Ref: 15010

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