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Pair of Mezzotints by René Ligeron (1)

Item Description

Pair of matched framed and glazed mezzotints by the French artist René Ligeron (born 1880).

Each depicts a stylish 1920’s lady posing with birds.

Both subjects are wearing elegant dresses with extremely full skirts, one in orange and black, the other in green and black, each with a large red rose at the waist.

A white cockatoo perches on the outstretched hand of one as she prepares to feed it with the cherries she’s holding in her other hand, while the second woman is looking back over her shoulder at a pair of doves that are fluttering just above the ground.

The two circular images have been sympathetically mounted and framed and bear a pencil signature of the artist at bottom right.

Measuring 56 by 55 cm overall with the diameter inside the mount being approximately 40 cm. 

Ref: 12094

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