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The Hunter by Voltas

Item Description

Rare silvered and gilded bronze group of a young male hunter and three leaping antelopes, signed by Voltas towards the base of his cape.

Sculpted down on one knee, he is preparing to throw a spear as the animals race away ahead of him. With his slim figure and sleek boyish look, he is the very essence of Art Deco.

Most examples of this subject tend to be on the large side but this is a very compact and nicely detailed interpretation.

The marble base is in two colours and measures 30 X 7 cm.  There is a very small chip to the marble on one corner, but this is not noticeable on display.  Otherwise this piece is in fine condition.

Little appears to be known regarding the artist other than that his full name was Joan Salvado Voltas and he was artistically active during the 1930’s.

Ref: 12164

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