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The Dolly Sisters by Goldscheider

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Hard to find Goldscheider ceramic figure titled “Revue” of the two Dolly Sisters up on stage and confidently strutting their stuff.

Rosika (Rose) and Janka (Jenny) were identical twins who were born in Hungary in1892 and, after their parents emigrated to the United States, became dancers and actresses and were a huge hit at the famous Ziegfeld Follies.

They made their film debuts separately in 1915, but got together again to perform in vaudeville, in particular Ziegfeld’s ‘Midnight Frolic’.

At the end of the First World War in 1918, the two moved to France and quickly became so popular that they commanded huge salaries, appearing in theatres and dance halls including the Moulin Rouge in Paris.

Designed by Stephan Dakon, this is a fabulously stylish piece, full of movement and with lovely hand finished detail, dating from circa 1925-27.

Showing the impressed Dakon signature on the socle together with the usual Goldscheider markings and the model no. 5612/171/4 on the underside.

The merest fraction below 38 cm high and in excellent condition with no restoration. There is just one very tiny chip to the glaze in one place at the bottom edge of the socle which is shown in the last close-up photo.

Ref: 14934

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