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Captured Bird by Lorenzl for Goldscheider

Item Description

This is a very fine example of the mid-sized version of Josef Lorenzl’s iconic ‘Captured Bird’ made by Goldscheider circa 1923-25.

Depicting the dancer Niddy Impekoven modelled in mid dance, striding to the left and holding the hem of her ornate dress in such a way that it resembles a pair of butterfly wings.

Beautifully hand painted in strong and vibrant colours, the realistic flesh tones contrasting dramatically with the markings on her ‘wings’ 

Unusually, in addition to Lorenzl’s signature on the back of the urn, this piece shows it again on the underside, together with the impressed numbers 6204/608/11 and an old retailer’s printed sticker saying ‘Butterfly by J. Lorenzl’

In very good condition and just the merest fraction under 30 cm high.

Lit:  Dechant/Goldscheider pp. 89, 90, 91 and 425  –  also Pinhas p. 119

Ref: 11752

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