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French Silver Medal Pendant – Orpheus*

Item Description

Art Nouveau pendant in the form of a solid silver medal, designed by Lucien Coudray (1864-1932).

Double sided with the face side depicting Orpheus, the legendary ancient Greek musician and poet. In his left hand he’s holding a lyre and in the image, according to mythology, he is said to be lulling to sleep the three-headed hound Cerberus before rushing past and through the gates of Hades in search of his lost wife Eurydice.

The reverse shows a naked winged musician holding a quill and a long horn, with a violin and bow beneath the black tablet on which he’s sitting. A long scroll is unfurling across his lap.

Beautifully detailed and with French silver marks on the edge of the rim.

The diameter is 41 mm and it is on a good silver chain with a length of 82 cm.

N.B. These are usually found as medals cast in bronze, this being the only example of a pendant we’ve come across. The fact that it is in silver is an extra bonus.

Ref: 15768

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