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‘Sappho’ by Blasche*

Item Description

High quality plaster bust of the ancient Greek lyric poetess Sappho whose work, although surviving only in fragments, is noted for its passionate and erotic celebration of the young.

She’s seen looking upwards and into the distance, wearing a gold coloured robe and a wreath of laurels in her hair.

Signed verso H.L. Blasche and with the pre 1910 impressed marks of Reps & Trinte of Magdeburg, Saxony.

Very well detailed and painted in such a way that it could easily be taken for terracotta.

An impressive size at 65 cm high, with a width of approximately 44 cm.

There is some age related loss to a couple of the laurel leaves but this only seems to add to the look of antiquity. 

Ref: 12505

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