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Portrait of an Elderly Gentleman*

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Oil on canvas portrait in profile of an elderly gentleman.

He’s captured holding his hands beneath his chin while he looks over the top of his spectacles with great concentration at something that has caught his attention.

This is a wonderful image painted with great sympathy for the subject and with superb attention to detail.

Signed Henze at bottom right, the same name also noted on the back of the canvas although the second part of the name after the hyphen has for some reason been obliterated.  Although we cannot be certain, the artist may have been Ingfried Paul Henze-Morro who was born in 1925.

Measuring 38.5 by a touch over 32 cm overall with the visible area of canvas just under 28 by a little over 22 cm.

An old envelope is tucked in the back of the frame noting that this picture was from the sitting room, but exactly where this was we have no idea.  

Ref: 15080

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