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Portrait of a Lady by Antoine Soustre

Item Description

Framed Limoges enamel on copper portrait by Antoine Soustre.

The subject is an attractive medieval looking lady wearing a loose cloak and a headdress of leaves.

Almost directly facing the viewer, her eyes are modestly downcast and she looks to be completely lost in her own thoughts.

Lovely soft colours, highlighted with paillons of gold in the leaves on her head, the image standing out strongly against the graduated background shades.

Signed A. Soustre, Limoges and dated 1911. The artist was also well known as a Limoges porcelain painter and enamels by him are rather more rare.

Measuring a fraction below 37 cm high by 31 cm wide overall, with the visible enamel at approximately 17 X 11 cm.

Ref: 14446

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