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Antique Limoges Enamel of a Semi-Nude Woman

Item Description

Late 19th century French Art Nouveau  enamelled half-length portrait of a young woman holding the top of her gown in one hand and almost but not quite covering herself.

She’s wearing a rather ornate headdress in the same pink shade as her gown, and is looking downwards whilst modestly turning her head to one side, revealing long wavy hair tumbling down her back.

A richly coloured velvety curtain hangs beghind her to one side and a tall pillar frames her on the other.

This is a very fine piece of work by an obviously highly skilled artist and enameller but we can find no signature.  There may be one hidden beneath the edge of the frame but we haven’t removed it to look further.

The image measures 33 cm high by 23 wide and the overall size of the original ornate frame is approximately 44 X 34 cm.  A chain is affixed to the back for hanging.

Ref: 14196

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