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Pair of Forest Scenes by Bonnet (1)

Item Description

Large and very beautiful pair of framed enamel on copper forest scenes by the highly respected Limoges enamelier Pierre Bonnet.

Both pictures show a river winding through the forest with the trees in full Autumnal splendour, their leaves coloured in vibrant shades of gold, rust and deep red.

Bonnet took the inspiration for much of his work from the stunning scenery surrounding Limoges and this pair of enamels represents a true work of art plus many hours of labour.

Circa 1950’s, both are signed by the artist and in very good condition with just a couple of minor scuffs to the frames.

These are of an unusually large size with the images alone measuring 24.5 cm high by 34.5 wide. The overall size including the frames is 44 X 54 cm.

NB.  A little unavoidable reflection is apparent in our photos which is absent ‘in the flesh’.

Ref: 13890/91

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