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Portrait by Jules Sarlandie

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Old original Limoges enamel portrait by Jules Sarlandie (1874-1936).

A beautiful image of a young semi-nude woman, her body turned three-quarters towards us while her face is seen in profile as she gazes slightly downwards and to her right.

With long wavy chestnut coloured hair, decorated with a spray of bright red flowers, her tresses are tumbling down behind her nearest shoulder and falling in front of her on the other side.

Her dress has slipped from her shoulders but she seems completely unconcerned.

Dating from around 1910-15, the oval enamel plaque measures just a fraction over 13 cm high by 9.5 wide, with the frame measuring appoximately 30.5 X 26.5 cm.

Jules Sarlandie was a master enameller and the father of Robert Sarlandie who also produced much very fine enamel work.

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