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The Young Sculptor

Item Description

Framed Limoges enamel on copper by E.J. Nicolau portraying a sculptor at work in his studio.

In a richly detailed study, the young man is seen seated on a wooden bench, leaning forward towards the table in front of him and applying the finishing touches to his latest work. This looks to be the large, final version of the smaller model that can be seen on the workbench just behind.

A cluster of chisels and assorted other tools of his trade are within easy reach at the side of the table and also on a rack on the wall just behind, while the floor is littered with the chippings that have fallen as his work progressed.

Full of atmosphere and a beautifully balanced composition, with the arch in the background framing the sculpture perfectly and just the right level of light entering through the unseen window.

We doubt that the frame is original but that’s not too surprising as many of these old enamel pictures have suffered damage to their rather fragile frames over the years.

Overall size is a fraction under 38 X 33 cm with the enamel image measuring approximately 24 X 19 cm.

Ref: 14290

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