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Plaster Vignette*

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Amazing old plaster statue of a young woman chained to rocks with the sea swirling around her feet and a sea serpent swimming threateningly close by.

This could almost be a scene from an old silent movie where the poor girl has been left to a ghastly fate by a dastardly villain whose advances she has obviously spurned. 

Of course, this is complete nonsense as she is, in fact, the artist’s depiction of Andromeda who, according to Greek mythology, was the daughter of the king and queen of Aethiopia.  The queen had boasted that Andromeda was more beautiful than the daughters of the sea-god Nereus and her arrogance led to the plight the poor girl now finds herself in.  Naturally she is rescued, by the handsome Perseus who marries her and….  at this point we’ll leave it to you to research the story further.

Anyway, a real conversation piece and very nicely modelled and painted.  An impressive size too at 70  cm high.

Ref: 12129

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