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Pair of Oils on Canvas depicting Sporting Dogs*

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Not exactly Art Nouveau or Art Deco but quite simply a very fine pair of paintings that we simply couldn’t ignore when we came across them. The were in somewhat of a sorry state, being unframed, very dirty and with the canvases having become partially detached from their stretchers.

However, we’ve now had them professionally cleaned, re-attached and framed and are very pleased to offer them here.

They each depict two sporting dogs at work in the field. In both paintings the dogs are seen following the flight of a duck as it hurriedly flies away having been disturbed.

Beautifully executed with great attention to detail, by the Belgian artist Henri Ottevaere (1870-1944).

Both are signed but undated although we are pretty confident that they were painted around the same time, probably in the 1920’s or 30’s.

The measurements are the same for both, being 47 X 55 cm overall with the visible canvass area 37 X 45 cm.

Ref: 14580

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