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Constance Phillott Watercolour*

Item Description

Framed watercolour painting by Constance Phillott A.R.W.S. (1842-1931) of a young woman seated in a garden.

She’s sitting on a long, low stool, gazing rather wistfully ahead and seems to be lost in thought.

The caption beneath the picture reads – “Ashputtel went and sat under the hazel tree and cried out ‘Shake, Shake, hazel tree, Gold and Silver over me’ “.

Affixed to the back of the picture is a signed hand written note by the artist, expanding a little on the caption, and giving her London address.

Dated lower left 1878 and measuring 83 by 68 cm overall with the image approximately 50 by 35 cm.

Works by Constance Phillott were regularly exhibited at the Royal Academy between the years 1868 and 1881, in addition to other well known London galleries over an even longer period. 

N.B.  Unfortunately in our photos the camera tripod is reflected to a degree in the girl’s skirt.

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