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‘A View of d’Avray at the End of the Day’*

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Quietly beautiful oil on canvas study of a young lady in a rather splendid black hat, reclining peacefully by the waterside as the sun begins to go down.

Painted by the French artist Maurice Neumont and dated Sept. 1899, this is a peaceful and timeless image in soft colours, with just the subtle reflection of the setting sun on the water adding muted highlights.

Neumont was born in 1868 and studied at the Paris École des Beaux Arts. He exhibited at the Paris Salon des Artistes Français and during the First World War became well known as a patriotic propaganda artist, producing posters for the French government. He died in February 1930.

The canvas has been strengthened by relining on the reverse. Overall size, including the frame is 49 X 33.5 cm with the image measuring 39.25 X 23.75 cm.

Ref: 13656

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