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Orientalist Terracotta Statue

Item Description

Rarely seen Goldscheider Orientalist terracotta statue of a north African Moorish woman resting awhile from her water carrying task.

She has placed her pitcher on a low wall beside her and is wearily leaning on it with one elbow while she takes a break.

Finished in lovely muted colours, her long cape being in a shade of grey blue and her rather revealing top a dusky pink.

The lady has a wonderfully expressive face and there is fine detail throughout, including the tight curls to her hair, the folds to her clothing and even the flower and leaves growing from between the stones of the wall.

The artist who originally sculpted this piece is unknown and all we can find in the way of a signature is a letter ‘M’ which we are unable to attribute. However this model is listed in the Dechant/Goldscheider book.

Dating from circa 1897 and in good condition with an old repair to her big toe and, not surprisingly a little wear to the paintwork here and there.

Showing the early Fr. Goldscheider mark and the numbers 1111 (the model number), 6625 and 6.  The height is approximately 59 cm and the base measures around 22 X 17 cm.

Lit:  Dechant/Goldscheider p. 312

Ref: 11845

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