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Cheeky Young Rascal

Item Description

Lovely quality terracotta figure of a young black boy seated on an old tree stump, nonchalantly smoking away on a cheroot.

The way he has his legs casually crossed and his cap pushed back on his head contrasts wonderfully with his serious facial expression.  In fact he looks a real character.

Very well cast with lovely detail to his clothes and the scenery.  There are even flowers at the back of the old tree.

Originally a spill vase, with three openings shaped as large bamboo poles.

We can find no marks but it is almost certainly Austrian and dates from the late 1800's.  Very much in the style of Johann Maresch and, if not from the man himself, it is certainly from a close follower.

Around 62 cm in height and in very good condition with just a little of the expected paint loss here and there.

Ref: 12341

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