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Little Girl, Big Guitar

Item Description

Captivating hand-carved alabaster figure of a little girl playing a guitar.

She stands with her knees slightly bent, so as to help support the instrument which is certainly on the large side for her.  Her young face is full of concentration and the detail of this and her hair, complete with a bow tied at the side, is quite delightful.

Sculpted by the artist Petri for Goldscheider and standing on a circular marble base, this charming figurine dates from circa 1913-14.

Signed and numbered in the alabaster and with a metal Goldscheider plaque inserted beneath the base.

The height is approximately 26 cm.

Lit:   Dechant/Goldscheider p. 388.   Also Pinhas p. 123. 

Ref: 11799

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