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Old Breton Lady

Item Description

A unique and quite stunning hand finished terracotta bust by the French sculptress Berthe Girardet (née Imer, b. Marseilles 1869).

This is such a beautifully sympathetic sculpture, emphasising the strength and character in this lady’s wonderful face.

She looks as though she’s not had the easiest passage through life but has nonetheless coped with all its various demands and still retained a certain calmness and quiet sense of humour – you can almost see the twinkle in her eyes.  Those wonderfully detailed hands that she holds in front of her have seen many years of toil, yet she still manages to look almost serene.

The clothes and bonnet have been very unusually finished with the artist’s fingertips, which just adds to the quite individual overall effect.

A real work of art dating from around 1890 from an artist who was awarded a gold medal at the Exposition Universelle of 1900.

The height is around 41 cm and the width 46 cm.

Ref: 12488

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