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Van Hasselt Orientalists

Item Description

Fabulous pair of Orientalist busts from Van Hasselt.  These – when they can be found at all – are occasionally seen individually but are very rarely  offered as a pair.

The subjects are certainly Arabic and possibly Egyptian, although they are unnamed.  Both are wearing long head-dresses tied with ornate bands.

He is obviously very noble with a real look of strength and authority about him, accentuated by his square-trimmed beard and curly moustache.  She is very beautiful and is, one assumes, his wife or mistress.  The mystery surrounding them just adds to their appeal.

Marked with a foil plate on both undersides and numbered 574 and 575 verso.

There are, as to be expected, one or two minor age-related scuffs and the lady’s nose has had some professional restoration work at some stage but overall they are in lovely condition and display quite beautifully.

Dating from around 1900 and with an approximate height of 48 cm.

Ref: 11948

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