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Necklace by Marius Hammer

Item Description

Silver-gilt necklace with little enamel flowers made by Marius Hammer dating from the early 1900's.

A pretty and delicate design, so typical of this maker, featuring three different parts linked by short sections of chain.  Three five-petalled flowers enamelled in blue and yellow are positioned above three ornate rounded in-line discs, the central one with a smaller six-petalled blue and white flower. Delicate filigree wirework is a feature of the three elegant droppers which are also decorated with small flowers, finishing with little pointed finials.

In very good condition, with the original chain and a total length of 47 cm. The decorative pendant itself is around 6 cm long.

Marked on the reverse with the maker's mark, albeit slightly worn, and showing the silver content of 835. 

Ref: 13331

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