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Charles Horner Pendant with Nautical Scene

Item Description

Pendant necklace from Charles Horner in a design featuring a small sailing boat moving across the water with promontories of land in the background and a lone seagull flying overhead.

Enamelled mainly in assorted shades of blue with just the hull of the boat in greeny yellow and the sail in pale voilet.

The pendant hangs on two short chains from a central suspender which is enamelled in the same pale blue as can be seen in the sky, and at the foot hangs a typical Horner drop in a combination of blue and green enamel.

Hallmarked at Chester for what we believe to be 1916 although the year letter is a little indistinct. Also impressed with the C.H maker’s mark.

Approximately 5.5 cms. in length, including the suspender and the drop, with the remainder of the necklace chain measuring 46 cms.

Ref: 16111

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