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Liberty Brooch designed by Archibald Knox

Item Description

Art Nouveau high carat gold brooch designed by Archibald Knox circa 1900.

With a typical Knox interlaced whiplash character and flowing lines surrounding a turquoise matrix cabochon stone in the centre.

At the foot is suspended a very fine wing pearl which adds an elegant final detail to the overall look.

Made for Liberty’s, an illustration of this design can be seen on page 79 of the book Liberty Style by Victor Arwas, the only difference being that the example shown has an enamelled centre instead of the turquoise stone set in the brooch offered here.

There are no marks but this is a well recorded design, number 1125 in the Liberty Jewellery Sketchbook.

The width is 4 cm and the overall length approximately 3.75 cm.

Ref: 13689

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