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Huge Silver, Amethyst and Peridot Pendant attr. to Instone*

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Quite the most stunning silver pendant from Bernard Instone that we’ve come across.

Set with a huge amethyst stone, faceted on both sides, encased and surrounded approximately two-thirds of the way round by a detail of leaves, stems and berries in typical Instone fashion.

Five little peridots give subtle green highlights to selected leaves that arch over the top and partially down the sides.

The amethyst has a faceted crown bordering a flat table on the face side, and is fully faceted on the reverse.

Our last three photos show that the detail of leaves and berries is continued on the back, if anything even more fully, enabling the pendant to be worn with either side facing forward.

Measuring 7 cm long and a little under 4 cm wide at the widest point.   

We can find no marks but it is reliably attributed to Bernard Instone and was probably a specially commissioned piece.

On an ornate silver chain measuring approximately a metre in length, with no clasp fitted.

Ref: 14762

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