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Hand Fashioned Photograph Frame*

Item Description

Art Nouveau wooden photograph frame with an ornately shaped outline and a tinted pattern of leaves and fruits against a background decorated using skillful pokerwork known as pyrography.

It appears to be made of Pine and is signed on the back, using the same burning technique, Egette Mittermaier, Bonyhad and dated 1907.  Bonyhad is a town in south-western Hungary where pyrography is known to have been a popular folk art at around that time.  Thanks to this little frame this particular craftsman’s name and artistry lives on over 100 years later.

The photo we found in the frame is very apt as it appears to be an old original postcard with a message on the back written in Hungarian.

The frame is around 24 cm high by 18 cm wide overall and there is a small ring attached to the back for hanging. 

An unusual item of Hungarian Arts & Crafts.

Ref: 13198

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