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Pewter and Enamel Jewellery Box*

Item Description

Lovely little silk and velvet lined pewter jewellery box with an undoubtedly Liberty look about it.

The gently domed hinged lid has a finely textured detail, and in its centre a delightful enamelled scene of a pair of young people, viewed from behind, sitting side by side on a bench and looking at a large full moon in the sky above them.

Both are wearing rather fetching hats and matching socks and shoes and the affectionate young boy has one arm protectively around the girl’s waist.

In the top right corner of the image is the title ‘Mooning’ but there is no signature.

The lid has a full length hinge and opens to reveal a green silk and velvet lined interior with a removable tray divided into little compartments. Beneath the tray is a concealed full size space for further storage. 

The pewter is in good uncleaned condition with no dinks or dents but the enamel has an unfortunate star shake close to the area of the title.  This can be clearly seen in our photographs and is surprisingly completely smooth to the touch, so the surface is unaffected.

Stamped beneath with the number 0890 and approximately 14 cm deep by 12. 5 wide and 5.5 cm high.  Dating from circa 1905 – 1910.

Ref: 14061

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