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Goldscheider ‘Theodora’*

Item Description

Top quality large Art Nouveau terracotta bust titled ‘Theodora’ originally sculpted by the artist Cherc for Goldscheider.

Presumably this is Cherc’s stylised take on the Roman Empress Flavia Maximiana Theodora who was the second wife of Emperor Constantius Chlorus.

She is modelled here as a young maiden with gentle features and a typically modest, downward gaze, her head turned slightly to her right. Her long hair is falling forward over her shoulders and is tied in stylish and unusual fashion at the back.  She’s wearing an ornately detailed headdress or helmet and the darker coloured base of the bust swirls and twists upwards to form the leafy top of her dress.

At around 64 cm tall, this is a very impressive work with strong Art Nouveau styling.

Signed by the artist and showing the Goldscheider potter plaque verso together with the numbers 1994/296/16.  Circa 1897-1900

Lit:  Dechant / Goldscheider, p. 341     Also Pinhas, pp. 53 and 96

Ref: 13229

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