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Goldscheider Girl with Jewelled Tiara*

Item Description

Beautiful Goldscheider terracotta bust of a young woman created by the artist Montenave circa 1903.

She wears a headdress decorated with glass opals and has her hair enclosed in a net at the sides and back.

Her off-the-shoulder chemise has a delightful floral detail at the top, and the folds in the delicate material as it hangs down over her body are perfectly sculpted.

Although she is not named, this is a young girl with fine features who looks to be of noble birth and she is modelled holding her head confidently while looking slightly to her left.

Pretty much life size at approximately 67 cm tall and with a width of 35cm.

There are a total of seven opals, three of which are boat-shaped while four are circular.  One round opal has a hairline crack.

Numbered verso 2664/70/13, signed by the artist at the base and with the usual Goldscheider plaque. 

Lit:  Dechant / Goldscheider pp. 54 and 364, and pictured on back of dust jacket.    Also Pinhas p. 58

Ref: 13184

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