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Goldscheider Terracotta Bust ‘Les Cerises’

Item Description

Splendid and large Art Nouveau terracotta bust from Goldscheider by the artist Affortunato Gori.

Titled ‘Les Cerices’, the rather serious looking young maiden is modelled with the modest, almost shy look that the Art Nouveau artists of the time so favoured.

She’s wearing sprigs of fruiting cherry in her hair and on her bodice, and is turning her head partially to one side.

Her gentle face and soft features are so typically Art Nouveau and the fine quality of the casting shows great detail.

An impressive 60 cm in height and signed on one shoulder F. Gori.  It is known that Gori signed his work using both the initials A and F on different occasions.

Showing the Goldscheider model number 2393/24/17 verso together with the usual impressed ‘Reproduction reservĂ©e’.

It would seem that this bust was presented as a gift to its original owner as there is a metal plaque attached to one side at the base, expressing thanks and showing the year 1904.

In good condition with some expected minor age related wear in places to the finish.

Lit:   Dechant/Goldscheider p. 358

Ref: 14408

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