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Goldscheider Caped Woman by Tell*

Item Description

Polychrome painted terracotta statue designed by E. Tell for Goldscheider, dating from circa 1899-1900.

Titled ‘Hirtin’ which translates as Shepherdess, the rather elegant young woman is stepping along wearing a hooded cape, tied at the top but flapping open at the front.  Her hair is pulled back from her face and tied in a bun and she wears clogs on her feet. 

She is carrying a flagon in her left hand and a long stick with a cleft handle in her right.  Great detail, even extending to the patch on her cape.

This is a rarely seen model, most examples having met with unfortunate accidents over time.  This one in fact needed some restoration work to the woman’s right hand which we have had carried out by a highly skilled professional.

Signed E Tell at the base, with the usual Goldscheider marks verso. Numbered 1881/20/13 and approximately 65 cm in height.   

Lit:  Dechant/Goldscheider p. 336.   Also Pinhas p. 86 (shown with a shorter stick).

Ref: 12270

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