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Dutch Girl by Louger*

Item Description

Impressive and large terracotta statue of a young Dutch girl holding a large water vessel.  She has a delightfully innocent look about her that is typically Art Nouveau. 

Painted in earthy shades of beige, brown and greyish black, colours which suit this type of sculpture so well.

Originally sculpted by Louger for Goldscheider, this very fine figure dates from around 1902-03.

With the usual Fr. Goldscheider plaque, numbered 2584/56/16 and around 75 cm in height.  Good condition with a little professional restoration which is not at all noticeable on display.

There seems to be some confusion surrounding this model since the Pinhas book, on page 43, attributes a slightly larger version (no. 2790) to the artist Cherc.  This piece however is clearly signed by Louger, as can be seen in our photograph.  We have also come across a smaller version offered by another dealer that, like this one, is also signed by Louger.

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