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Goldscheider Boy with Flute*

Item Description

Superbly detailed large Orientalist figure from Goldscheider of a seated north African boy playing the flute.

This is a very well executed study by the artist Poirier, cast in terracotta and dating from circa 1894/97.  

The young boy is seen sitting with one leg crossed over the other as he leans forward, taking a quick breath between notes.  The concentration on his face is clear to see and the whole composition is full of atmosphere, as so many of these old Orientalist pieces were.  

Just under 80 cm high and in good condition with just a few paint flakes due solely to age.

 Lit:   Dechant/Goldscheider p. 319.  Also Pinhas pp. 29 and 64. 

Ref: 12786

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