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Clodion Nymph and Satyr*

Item Description

This is one of several different sculptures Clodion undertook depicting nymphs and satyrs, the subject of which was known to greatly fascinate him. Terracotta was his favourite medium and this is a very fine example of his work.

In typically sensual Clodion style, these two are captured gaily frollicking together, with the young nymph seated astride the kneeling satyr’s shoulders, one hand holding on to one of his horns while the other holds a thyrsus behind her head.

The roguish looking satyr is turning his head to look up at the naked beauty above him who almost appears to be in an ecstatic state of trance.

This is a beautifully balanced composition with wonderful detail to every part – the facial expressions, the hair and leaves on their heads and even the half-man half-goat’s coat on the lower part of his body.

Clodion’s original name was Claude Michel and he lived in France from 1738 to 1814 when he died in Paris.  The original sculpture dates from the late 1780’s although this cast would have been taken around 1880 – 1890.

Signed Clodion on the base and with impressed foundry mark and number 1363.  In very good condition with an overall height of approximately 52 cm.

Ref: 12587

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