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‘Chevauchée’ by Charles*

Item Description

Art Deco spelter sculpture designed by Charles and cast at the Le Verrier foundry in Paris.

Known as ‘Chevauchée’ and depicting a naked Diana astride a splendid horse rearing up on its hind legs. She’s holding on to the horse’s mane with one hand whilst clutching the edge of a long, wide drape that falls from over her arm and curves down to the base behind and below her.

Great detail and with typical Art Deco stylising which gives strong additional impact to the figure.

Signed C. Charles between the rear legs of the horse and dating from the late 1920’s.

Mounted on a black marble base measuring around 62 X 15 cm. The leading leg of the horse extends approximately 3.5 cm beyond the base and the total height is 51 cm.

Ref: 13786

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