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Bronze Sphinx*

Item Description

Patinated bronze sphinx made in France or possibly Italy circa 1860.  This was almost certainly a memento from a Grand Tour that some fortunate person  was lucky enough to have undertaken at the time. 

Very nicely modelled and with great definition, the half-man half-lion has a typically strong face and wears a finely marked headdress over his head and shoulders.  Just to make the whole image more fearsome still, a serpent with its mouth agape sits right at the top.  

A real piece of Egyptian Revival artwork, unsigned but with an assortment of hieroglyphics, which we haven’t attempted to decipher, on his chest and flanks.  

We suspect that it was originally mounted on a marble or slate base but it displays perfectly without.

Length is 23 cm and width a little under 9 cm. 

Ref: 12615

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