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Art Nouveau Crystoleum*

Item Description

Stunning sepia-hued crystoleum signed by the French artist Édouard Bisson and dated 1901.

Showing a young semi-clad maiden reclining languidly and rather provocatively among flowers in a garden.

She’s partially wearing a very fine diaphanous gown as she lays back with her arms spread and her head on one side, looking at or just past the viewer.

This is a dreamily atmospheric image and very well composed, with the tall flowers in the foreground leaning towards her, leading the eye into the picture. 

Bisson lived between 1856 and 1939 and was awarded the Légion d’honneur in 1908.

Approximately 35 X 26.5 cm overall with the image measuring just under 25 X 16 cm.

In the original polished wood frame showing a small repair to one part of the bottom edge.

Ref: 13376

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