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Bronze & Spelter Figures

Art Deco Lady & Deer*

Art Deco Lady and Deer sculpture in patinated white metal by the Belgian artist Alexandre Ouline dating from the mid to late 1920’s. This example is signed using one of his occasional pseudonyms, Oudine (another…


Slave Girl*

This is a striking and erotic figure of a naked slave girl seated on a bench with one leg tucked beneath her.  Despite her situation she holds her head high and exudes pride, strength and beauty. …


Caught out by the Breeze*

Titled ‘Perky Young Lady’ this is a typical design from the Austrian sculptor Bruno Zach (1891-1935), who was so well known for his risqué and provocative depictions of young ladies from the Art Deco period.…


Art Deco Lady & Birds*

Pretty Art Deco silvered spelter lady, kneeling on one leg with the other outstretched in front of her.  Her arms are spread wide and a small bird is perching on the fingers of her right…


Roman Gladiator by Schmidt-Felling*

Imposing bronze statue of a naked but helmeted young Roman soldier, modelled having just released an arrow from the bow he is holding. His gaze is following the flight of the arrow as he remains…


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